About Us

Lady Hoops is back!​

Like many small businesses, we succumbed to various forces and had to close the shop. It was a sad day, but like a phoenix, we rose from the ashes. We are back, and with your support, we hope to stay around.


Back in the day, Lady Hoops was a thriving business and a recognizable brand on the basketball circuit. I am sure many remember Lady Hoops, or heard of Lady Hoops. In the past, Lady Hoops was featured in the hit basketball movie “Love & Basketball”.  In addition, Queen Latifah wore it on the hit sitcom “Living Single” (episode ‘Glass Ceiling ’April 1994). Lady Hoops also traveled everywhere. We went to the a few Final 4’s, and we were invited to tournaments across the US. We attended many AAU, YBOA, and elite basketball events. We also provided fundraising opportunities for travel and club programs to raise money for their basketball teams.


Lady Hoops looks forward to the new journey. It will be fun re-establishing relationships, making new friends, and being back in the game. Due to Covid-19, we will not be able to offer everything at once, we will have to offer a smaller selection, and probably have limited supplies of some items, as the pandemic has affected the supply chain.

Just as before, we will do everything to be responsive to our customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Hoops!


Lady Hoops Commitment

Lady Hoops is dedicated to providing quality products and service to all of its customers.  This is reflected in both our mission and vision statements.

Lady Hoops Mission Statement

Lady Hoops advocates and promotes accessibility and equality, for women and girls through sports. Our goal is to inspire and empower women and girls, by our product offerings, community engagement, promoting fairness and sportsmanship.

Vision Statement

Lady Hoops seeks to serve the women and girls sports community as an advocate and a resource, for players, parents, coaches, and fans. We accomplish this vision by:


Providing quality, fashionable, and functional products. Supporting the national dialogue as an advocate for universal access to all sports, activities, and career opportunities.


Partnering with other entities and individuals that are seeking to advance legislation that protects and expands women and girls opportunities in all realms in life including sports.


Ultimately, as we grow, we aim to help promote and propel aspiring women and girl athletes with financial support, through scholarships.